me like this lyric.

You say - dont come to close we might go to far.
I say - are you afraid we might be if we´re as one?

You say - please say thoose lines they make me feel so good
I say - I cant wait til´ you´re not this far away

You say - please dont ever go you might take me on
I say - please right me when I´m wrong just dont make the same misstakes I made

You say there was a time that was ment to be.
I say stop wasting lines and give yourself to me.

You say - everything was there and now you belong there to.
I say - all I ever am all I ever do leeds to you.

You say that once where on theres no going back
I say that on and on dont make to much of it.

You say - dont come to close we might go to far.
You say - if you come this close we might not be who we used to be no more

Postat av: Sara

Vet inte om det är heltid, tror det är jag och en tjej till som kommer dela på det. Men det är ju alltid nåt :D

2008-11-28 @ 19:46:24

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